Klamath Basin Traffic Net (KBTN) is a service of the Klamath County AUXCOMM and open to any and all hams in the Klamath Basin interested in NTS traffic handling.

If you got here through KBTRAFFIC.NET please update your link to KAUXCOMM.ORG/KBTN

All licensed hams are welcome. You do not need to be a member of the AUXCOMM team to participate in KBTN Nets.

KBTN Mission

  • To establish and maintain a ready, local network for the transfer of messages through the National Traffic SystemTM network.
  • To provide initial and ongoing training and practice in NTS message handling to local radio amateurs.
  • To provide initial and ongoing training and practice for Net Control Station operators.

Voice Net Info

Voice net: Monday 7:00 pm on 146.850 – 118.8 (Hamaker repeater W7VW)
(this is a combined AUXCOMM/NTS voice net)

Packet Net Info

Packet net: Monday 7:15 pm on 145.050 (HAMAKR and HOGBAK digipeaters W7VW) (packet net is keyboard-to-keyboard)

The following commands are for Kantronix TNCs, other TNCs have similar commands.

cmd: K

You can substitute HOGBAK for HAMAKR if you get a better connection through that digipeater. Net Control will use both during nets. Net control also monitors the 146.850 repeater during packet net if you have any difficulties.

A special thank you to the Klamath Basin Amateur Radio Association W7VW for the use of their repeaters!